Fourth Ward Company Hose #4

2018 DuBois Community Days dates: June 15th and 16th, 2018

Fourth Ward Building

Fourth Ward Hose Company #4 Is located on South Brady Street DuBois, PA 15801 (814) 371-4590. Along with fighting fire Fourth Ward is the rescue company and air cascade for the City of DuBois and surround mutual aid companies.


fourth ward sign - 1140x350

 Rescue 74 and Engine 74. Both trucks are equipped with hydraulic rescue tools, along with a wide range of other rescue and fire equipment. The members that crew these trucks are highly trained in a wide range of fire ground situations such as RIT team (Rapid Intervention Team), rope and high angle rescue, vehicle rescue, heavy vehicle rescue, and a long list of other disciplines.


Fourth Ward Hose Company 2015 Officers:

President: Nathan Kimberling
1st Vice President: Brian Everett
2nd Vice President: Josh McMinn
Treasurer: Joe Karetski
Secretary: Patrick Cooley

Captain: Mike Federici
1st Lieutenant: Brian Everett
2nd Lieutenant: Josh McMinn
Truck Foreman: Joe Simbeck
Assistant Truck Foreman: Tyler Clark
Training Officer: Billy Wallace
Camp Director: Mike Federici

Trustee: John Lowe
Trustee: Bob Hrin
Trustee: Steven James
Trustee: Mike Johnston
Trustee: Joe Simbeck

Department Delegate: John Lowe
Department Delegate: Brian Everett
Department Delegate: Josh McMinn
Alternate Department Delegate: Bob Swope

Fourth Ward also owns a hunting camp in Penfield, PA it has a shooting range and a area for trap shooting along with land that boarders state forest. All members are able to use the camp and its facilities.


Be sure to check us out on Facebook to see local events we are holding in the community and to keep up on what is going on at our hose house.

Wanting to join the brotherhood at the Fourth Ward Hose Company? Contact us to get an application, or stop down at the hose house for one. All gear and training is supplied by the department all we need is you.