J.E. DuBois Hose Company #3

2018 DuBois Community Days dates: June 15th and 16th, 2018

J.E. DuBois Hose Company #3
Engine 73 / Engine 73-2
301 First Street
DuBois, PA 15801
(814) 371-4520

The J.E. DuBois Hose Company, or Third Ward, was originally organized as John E. DuBois Steam Engine Company in Feb. 1888. We currently protect the City of DuBois, and are also on first alarm assignments in Clear Run and Treasure Lake.. We have been in our current firehall on First St. since 1961. Third Ward is currently a Participating Department under the education program of the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.  Third Ward also has the equipment for an emergency shelter and sponsors both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.

JE DuBois co gear







Truck info:

Engine 73
2001 Smeal
500 gallon
2000 gpm

Engine 73-2
1983 Mack
500 gallon
1250 gpm

Officers and Past Chiefs

President: Art Whitmore
Vice President:¬†Daniel “Shorty Mac” MacMahon
Captain: Doug Young
1st Lieutenant: Derek Allen
2nd Lieutenant: Leo Brooks

Past Chiefs from Third Ward
O. G. Wilson (1916)
Elmer Hallstrom (1941-1942) – (1967-1968)
M.L. Males (1951-1952)
Frank Winslow (1959-1960)
Richard Males (1977-1978)
Bruce Berquist (1993-1994)
Scott Farrell (2003-2004)
James H. Corby (2009-2010)

2015 Annual Firemen Competition


The kids had a great time trunk or treating during our annual Oktoberfest.














DVFD Turkey Bowl