It is not easy to put into words exactly what defines our character; however, it is true that we have a distinct and unique identity.
- Rob Marchioni


2018 DuBois Community Days dates: June 15th and 16th, 2018

Chief and Assistant Chiefs

Fire Chief
William Boyle
Bill Boyle joined the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department in 1986. Bill is a member for the Fourth Ward Hose Company and held the offices of Captain, 1st Lieutenant and 2nd Lieutenant for 14 years before becoming 2nd Assistant Fire Chief in 2011. Bill then became 1st Assistant Chief in 2013, before becoming Fire Chief in 2015. Bill is Pro-board Certified as a Firefighter I, Vehicle/Machinery Rescue Technician and in General Rescue which includes Rope Rescue. Bill is also a Pennsylvania Licensed EMT-Paramedic. Bill is married to Betsy (Hoyt) Boyle and has two children (William & Andrew). Bill’s oldest son, William, is carrying on the tradition of his father and grandfather and became a Jr. Firefighter at the Fourth Ward Hose Company in March of 2014. His job, at that moment, is to organize the fire department’s resources to quickly and efficiently mitigate whatever the emergency situation may be. Thereby bringing order to the chaos and hope to the feeling of hopelessness those involved might be feeling. “As a leader of the fire department, when you see how many of our volunteers leave the warmth of their beds or their families during holidays and risk their lives for people they may not even know, it makes me so very proud to be part of that organization.”

1st Asst. Fire Chief
Ben Blakley IV
Ben Blakley IV joined the DuBois City Fire Dept. on March 14, 1997. He is a member of Volunteer Hose Co. #1 where he held the office as captain for 10 years before becoming 2nd asst. chief in 2013, and now being 1st Assistant Chief in 2015. He also served as 1st and 2nd lieutenant as well as serving on numerous committees. He holds many firefighting certifications including his Level II truck operations certificate as well as several leadership certifications. He is also a former PA dept. of health licensed EMT. Ben comes from a fire fighting family. His grandfather, Steve Skraba, was a member of Goodwill Hose Co. #5. Currently Ben serves in the Fire Department with his father, Ben Blakley III, his brother Kevin and his sister Kyra. All are members of the Volunteer Hose Co. #1. Ben is employed by Hovis Auto Supply in DuBois and is a proud father of 2 children, Bella and Xander. The thing that Chief Blakley likes most about being chief is getting to see first hand how the 5 companies working together in different capacities can get the job done efficiently at any type of call they receive.  

2nd Asst. Fire Chief
Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell joined the DuBois Fire Department in 2001. He served for 6 years as captain and 3 years before that as Lieutenant before being voted in as 2nd Assistant Chief in 2015. He has training in firefighting including State and Pro-board certifications of Fire Fighter 1, Fire Fighter 2, Instructor 1, Instructor 2, and numerous local level training classes. He has rescue training in vehicle and various technical rescue classes. Joe is also a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. Joe is employed by the City of DuBois as Director of Redevelopment Authority. He is happily married to his wife Jennie (Dixon) and has two children; Austin and Kendra. Chief Mitchell most enjoys working with all 5 companies and assisting the community no matter what emergency arises.